Holly Hart Consulting - Experience and Expertise


At-Risk Learners 

  • Strategies that Work with At Risk Learners
  • How to Reach, Motivate and Engage Reluctant Learners
  • Alternatives to Suspension and Expulsion
  • Successful Climate and Discipline Models
  • How to Prevent and Retrieve Dropouts

Brain Based Learning

  • How the Brain Works and What that Means for Student Learning
  • Brain Compatible Instructional Strategies
  • Using Cutting Edge Brain Research to Increase Academic Success
  • How the Brain Learns to Read
  • Brain Development - Birth to Three- The Early Years Matter
  • Male and Female Brain Differences –  They Are Real and They Matter
  • Adolescence – Unraveling the Mysteries of the Teen Age Brain
  • Addiction and the Brain – New and Breaking Research 
  • What We Know about Emotions –  How to  Handle the Toughest People 
  • What the Research Says About Teaching and Reaching all Students
  • How to Build a Brain Compatible Discipline and Culture Models

Charter School Development

  • Governance Board Does and Don’ts
  • A Quality Authorizer Looks Like and Sounds Like
  • Building Sustainability into Your Charter School

Personalized and Blended Learning

  • Using technology and innovative educational strategies to personalize instruction
  • Using technology to personalize assessment

Maker Spaces and Fab Labs

  • Creating school and community maker spaces and fab labs

Climate/Discipline Models

  • Discipline Models and Strategies that Work
  • Building a Climate of Care, Concern and Accountability in Your School or Classroom
  • Modeling and Teaching  Strategies that Develop Internal/Self Control
  • Creating a Climate that Fosters Self Control

Grant Writing

  • Grant Writing 101 – Getting Funded

Leadership Development

  • Developing a Strong, High Quality Governance Board
  • Developing a Board Sustainability Plan
  • Developing a School Sustainability Plan
  • Group Process Techniques and Strategies

Myers Briggs

  • Assessment
  • Understanding the Strengths and Weakness of Your Type
  • Team Building
  • Time management